Cities XXL

Design, build, and manage the world?s largest and most diverse cities in CitiesXXL. Bigger and better than ever before with a more powerful game engine and new interface, become the mayor of your very own sprawling metropolis. From town-planning including home locations, retail plots, offices, industry and infrastructure across 47 architectural styles and 1000+ buildings, manage the happiness of your city?s denizens, with leisure activities, landmarks, and ecology and pollution management. With new structures, but also all-new ecological buildings and upgrades, such as the park-and-ride, electric car dealership, and bike hire, CitiesXXL offers a greener approach! Manage the economy by sharing resources between all of your cities across over 70 maps (including new landscapes and environments) throughout the ?Cities Planet?: trade anything from waste management to oil, fuel, and water ? even holidaymakers and workers. Finally, create, share and download user crafted content via the Steam Workshop ? an endless supply of user-curated content. From scenic villages to economic powerhouses, build, manage, and grow the city of your dreams in CitiesXXL.

Key features:
  • Create and manage huge dynamic and diverse cities
  • More than 70 maps up to 100km˛ each 1000 buildings from 47 architectural styles
  • Build from islands to snowy hills, to reproductions of real-life cities!
  • Take advantage of new ecology buildings for pollution management
  • Create and download infinite content from Steam Workshop