Act of Aggression

Eugen Systems, the studio that acquired a solid experience and reputation in the world of strategy games stretching back to 2000 (Act of War, R.U.S.E, the Wargame series) comes back with a brand new game they have been secretly working on. The game aims to bring back the 90?s Golden Era of real time strategy games, offering all the core mechanics praised by all strategy lovers ? base construction, resource management, unit production and nervous battles ? along with original mechanics, a top quality production and realization, and, owing to their experience with their latest games, a spectacular, high quality visual render. In what is shaping up to be their most ambitious project since Act of War, Eugen is set on delivering a real time strategy experience that will immerse you in the near future, in 2030, in a techno- thriller ambiance where 3 factions are fighting for their own interest. In a world of conspiracies, the Cartel aims to seize control of the world thanks to its high-tech technology, stolen prototypes, and furtive infiltration forces. Fighting this looming threat, the US Army whose military forces benefited from 15 years of significant technological innovations, and the Phantom Protocol, an undercover paramilitary organization specialized in quick, blinding fast strikes and whose objective is to keep peace in the world. Gather resources to build a huge base offering all the buildings you need to set up your military strategy (logistic, units production, technology development, resources stocking, base defense, etc). Extend your base, defend it, and create new bases to control key locations on the maps. Produce the units composing your strike forces (infantry, vehicles, tanks, artillery, helicopters, planes, and super weapons), and lead them in battle where they will gain experience, letting you improve their power, and specialize them in certain roles such as anti-air duty, anti-tank, etc... Your units will develop special abilities that will be sure to turn the tide of battle! Developing new technologies will let you unlock new buildings, new units, and also «ultimate» weapons bound to bring spectacular destruction upon your enemy!

Key features:
  • Command three factions across authentic and richly detailed maps.
  • Return to the era of base construction and production, churning out near-future military technology.
  • Turn the tide of battle by capturing your opponent’s soldiers and ressources.
  • Two solo campaigns plunging players headlong into a politically charged techno-thriller universe.
  • Sensational multiplayer modes built upon the experience of veterans Eugen Systems.