Focus Home Interactive is a French publisher based in Paris, France. Known for the quality, diversity and originality of its catalogue, Focus has published and distributed original titles that have become benchmark titles worldwide, available both in store and for download across the world. Focus publishes games on all major platforms, consoles and PC. The publisher's catalogue will get even richer the coming months with eagerly awaited games such as Blood Bowl 2, Act of Aggression, Vampyr, Battlefleet Gothic, The Technomancer, Farming Simulator 15, Mordheim, and more.


Parc Pont de Flandre « Le Beauvaisis »
Bâtiment 28
11 Rue de Cambrai
75019 Paris – France

N°SIRET : 399 856 277 00021


We are currently looking for:
Line producer
Line producer
Focus Home Interactive is looking for an experienced, English speaking Videogame Line Producer to be heavily involved in the development and production for all future titles, throughout 2015 and beyond. Candidates must have videogame production skills and also have an intimately detailed objective knowledge about the qualities of games and their mechanics, able to discuss and showcase the best features of our titles. At Focus Home Interactive, a line producer must show skills in both management of projects, but will also enjoy a certain amount of creative input supporting the studio's vision, and paying close attention to technical constraints and budgetary/time constraints.

Each candidate must have experience with - and knowledge of - games to a professional level.

We're looking for talent to work with our growing and dynamic team on exciting and acclaimed projects for coming years on PC and consoles, such as Space Hulk Deathwing, The Technomancer, Vampyr, and currently unannounced titles from stellar developers.

This position will be based at the main office in Paris / La Villette, France, and will require re-location if necessary. Re-location arrangements negotiable.

Very high English proficiency
Candidates will be offered a chance to demonstrate their English ability. If not French, French language is not necessary, but a plus.

• Be responsible of the production of several projects by being the main contact with the studios from preproduction to release
• Contributing to improve the quality of our games and the productivity of our teams by making recommendations for improvements to game-design and production pipeline systems, particularly with-respect-to scheduling, and flow of information, milestone realization, and resource management
• Manage developments priorities
• Acting as the “spokesperson” to various parties on behalf of the games you manage (in-house staff, first parties, at trade fairs, etc.)
• Developing and maintaining schedules and budgets by ensuring timely delivery of deliverables (such as milestones)
• Arranging for beta testing and focus groups
Of course, you will interact closely with our commercial and marketing teams providing them with support during the entire development phase of new game collections.

• Ability to understand the vision of the studio and the vision of the publisher's top management and make sure they are sustained during a project
• Strong problem solving skills in game design, UI/UX, and scheduling
• Strong understanding of the production processes on the developer side from concept to release, including consoles specificities
• Strong ability in multi-tasking (be able to work on several projects of various types and sizes at the same time)
• Strong ability to prioritize tasks (own tasks and external tasks)
• Highly motivated to move forward with the company, able to drive discussions forward with your colleagues
• Good understanding of the video game market and its evolutions
• Good cultural knowledge (reading, art, cinema, video games...)
• Passionate about the video game industry (not just AAA)
• Ability to work independently as part of a team
• Ability to work under pressure and with tight deadlines

CV, cover letter, website or portfolio.

Type of contract
CDD or CDI according profile. (In France, a CDD is a 6 month contract; CDI, indefinite).

Feel free to share your resume with us by sending an e-mail at this address:

Terms for monetizing our games on YouTube

We are fine with YouTube monetization using recorded video material from our games as long as the video is somehow related to the game(s) in question (e.g. review, preview, a Let's Play, or some other similar type).
Also, it is allowed to use the music from the games in connection with videos related to our games. However music used outside of videos of our games is not allowed.
Please mention the official website of the game in your video or in description.

If you have any questions, please contact us.