Pix The Cat

Developed by the French studio Pastagames, Pix the Cat is a critically acclaimed intense arcade game that will challenge your reflexes and your wits, pitting you against your friends and the world in a race to the highest score!

Aiming to bring back the unique feel of its famous “highscore” predecessors Snake and Pac-Man and introducing different art-styles for different game modes, Pix the Cat lets you explore multiple, eclectic worlds, transporting you back to the cartoon world of the 1920s with the Nostalgia mode or the colorful and microscopic Laboratory mode.

Race against the clock, stack up ducklings and avoid walls and obstacles at all cost to rack up massive points and top the leaderboards. Keep your reflexes razor-sharp and your eyes peeled to perform the most-wanted “purrfects” and unleash Fever Time. And of course, beware of your enemies as they will seize any chance to chip at your combo multiplier!